To Bee Or Not To Bee? Detection And Cancer Cures Catch A Buzz.

No, It’s Not a Bong. It’s a Bee Biosensor!

No It's Not a Bong. It's a Bee Biosensor #4

Susana Soares is a Portuguese designer who has come up with a very unique way to organically detect cancer and other diseases with trained bees. Her bee-rilliant device works as such:

No It's Not a Bong. It's a Bee Biosensor!

A patient breathes into a glass chamber where the bees have been placed. If they detect cancer then the bees fly into another, smaller chamber. Simple but quite clever.

No It's Not a Bong. It's a Bee Biosensor #2

It has been proven scientifically that a bee’s “sense of smell” is much more keener than a dog’s. Actually they can detect airborne molecules in the parts per trillion range. Using that extraordinary ability, bees can be taught to perform “health checks” by finding specific chemical odors. Certain cancers (skin, pancreatic, lung) and diseases such as tuberculosis carry particular biomarkers that a trained bee can smell.

No It's Not a Bong. It's a Bee Biosensor #3



Bees have also been recently shown to offer a potential cure to cancer.



CNN reported last year that bee, scorpion, and snake venom may soon be possibly used as a safe and effective way to stop cancer cell growth. Dipanjan Pan is a scientist at the University of Illinois who has found a way to separate cancer killing peptides and proteins from these otherwise poisonous secretions. After synthesizing those cells, using nanotechnology, that material is delivered to fight the cancer.



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