Caught on Tape: Michigan Cops Beat Black Driver And Plant Evidence.

Caught on Tape: Michigan Cops Beat Floyd Dent And Plant Rock Cocaine.

Coming home from visiting a blind friend on the night of Jan 28, 2015, Floyd Dent was stopped by Inkster, Michigan police. He was dragged out of the car, choked, punched in the head multiple times, and tased by Officer William Melendez.


Known as Robocop, Melendez also had to settle 2 wrongful death lawsuits he was involved in

Known as Robocop, Melendez has already been involved in 2 wrongful death lawsuits.


The incident was captured by the police car’s dashcam. According to The Guardian, Dent said he never felt pain like that in his life. Watch the video below.



To add insult to injury, police said they found a bag of “rock cocaine” in his car.


The problem with THAT allegation is that Mr. Dent, Age 57, has been a Ford employee for 37 years. He has NO criminal history, passed the drug test that night, and later passed a polygraph test.


Officer Melendez on the other hand has PLENTY of skeletons in HIS closet.


In 2004, Officer William Melendez was acquitted in a trial where he was accused of being the ringleader to over a dozen officers who were charged with stealing drugs, guns, and money from alleged drug dealers, along with planting evidence and falsifying reports.


Known as Robocop, Melendez also had to settle TWO wrongful death lawsuits he was involved in. One was in 1999 where Melendez and another officer shot and killed Lou Adkins during a traffic stop. The other was in 2003 when he and several other officers shot and killed Earnest Crutchfield in the kitchen of his home.


There are so many allegations against this officer, it’s ridiculous that he was still even on the police force when he savagely beat Floyd Dent. The Huffington Post goes into much further detail.


This Time Robocop Might Go Down!


Greg Rohl, Floyd Dents attorney has video evidence taken from the police dashcam that shows Melendez getting what looks like to be a baggie out of his pocket. He insists that the officer is caught red handed, on camera, trying to frame his client. Watch below.



Rohl, requested Dent’s bloody mugshot, and a video he said shows officers celebrating after assaulting Dent. He says it will prove his client is innocent and a victim of police brutality, but I would not be surprised at all if Robocop walks away, scot-free, Again. I will try and stay positive however until the outcome.


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