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Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?!

Image Credit: Harumi Hironaka


Shut Up and Kiss Me!

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Image Credit: Noa Knafo


Like My Hat?

Love Your Hat!

Image Credit: Ray Caesar


Back That Azz Up!

Ass Like Whoa!

Image Credit: Robert Williams


Springtime Fresh!

Springtime Fresh



Pollination by Tanya Shatseva

Image Credit: Tanya Shatseva



A Room With A View!

A Room With A View!


Miley, What’s Good?!

Miley, What's Good?

Image Credit: Virginia Woolf


A Piece Of My Mind!

A Piece Of My Mind!

Image Credit: Shintaro Kago


I’m Your Puppet!

I'm Your Puppet!

Image Credit: Murashev


Good Boy!

Good Boy!

Image Credit: Chiara Bautista


Thinking Of You!

Thinking Of You!






Let’s Eat Out!

Let’s Eat Out - Gil Elvgren

by Gil Elvgren





All Of The Above...


Stellar Leuna

Image Credit: Stellar Leuna




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Crystal's Logo

Crystal’s Logo


Disclaimer: Crystal Roca is a fictional character. I am not real.

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