Evil Otto and Frenxxy

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*New* | Golden Road


Golden Road - Turn It Up!

New Hot Beat – Golden Road. Download Now!


New Free Drum and Bass Beat. Listen and Download Now!

New Free Drum and Bass Beat – Tin Man. Listen and Download Now!


Oh how time flies when you’re having fun. She said yeah but the damage is done!


– Ice Cube


New Drum and Bass! Evil Otto and Frenxxy - Time Flies

Evil Otto and Frenxxy – Time Flies



We cook your meals.
We haul your trash.
We connect your calls.
We drive your ambulances.
We guard you while you sleep.
Do not F*CK with us!


– Fight Club


Free Drum and Bass Beat!

Evil Otto and Frenxxy – Press Release Style


If you like Evil Otto and Frenxxy then you’ll LOVE Crystal Roca! Just one thing…


Who the F*CK is Crystal Roca?


Crystal Roca is one of the HOTTEST producers to ever hit the scene!
Fans and critics don’t know what genre to call it. Hip Hop? Club? Dance? Electronica?
Still, everyone agrees… Crystal Roca = Dope Beats!


Crystal Roca has 6 FREE Beats available for download.
After you listen to Evil Otto and Frenxxy, just click the link below.


*More Free Instrumentals Here*
Beats By Crystal Roca!


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