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The NEW “UNREFINED” Mixtape by Soul Mystic is Here!


Soul Mystic - Unrefined


UNREFINED is a collection of songs written and recorded from 2002 to 2010

– a period of time when I was transitioning artistically from the ego driven bravado of Wutudik to finding my socially and politically conscious voice of SOUL MYSTIC.

It represents a period of growth and pays homage to crews I made music with in those years, from Poetic Alchemy to Def Poets Society to the beginning of my solo music.

What you will hear is pure Hip-Hop: Raw. Uncut. UNREFINED.

– Soul Mystic


“UNREFINED” by Soul Mystic.

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1) Free Speech
2) Blurred Vision
3) Off My Chest
4) Foot Soldier
5) Boulders on Shoulders
6) Hunger in My Eyes
7) Wheels Spin Slow
8) Wanna Ride
9) She Just Walked Away
10) 1 For The Sensi


Entire project mixed and arranged by XRAYi of Savage Beast Records
Beats by: XRAYi, DJ Ric, JCB, The Good Tom Chi, Soul Mystic & DJ Godz


Courtesy of: 3rd Eye Vision Entertainment


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Couple in Flying Car
Bumping Night Rider by XRAYi


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