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*New* | Penny Thought

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My Advice: Stand strong like a mountain and run free for just as long as you can run. Honesty is hard but it makes you a man, son, and if you pray to God he’ll give you eternal ransom.


Soul Mystic – Free Speech

Crystal Roca - Silent Knight

Soul Mystic – Free Speech (Crystal Roca Instrumental courtesy of DPS Global)


Love makes the world go round. Or is it Money?

New Dance Beat - The Right Brain

The Right Brain by Crystal Roca


We don’t just have one dark night in our lives, but again and again, as we are called to continue releasing the images we cling to so tightly.

Crystal Roca - One Dark Night

Crystal Roca – One Dark Night


By now these truths should be self evident. We are ALL created equal!

Emancipated Proclamations by Crystal Roca

Emancipated Proclamations by Crystal Roca



New Flexy-Sexy Beat Video by Crystal Roca | Serpentina. You Gotta Watch This!


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It’s never the changes we want that change everything – Junot Díaz


Changes by Crystal Roca


And from that, sons are born and guns are drawn, clips are fully loaded and then blood floods the lawn – GZA

New Free Dance Track!

New Free Dance Track | Tale Of Two Cities


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Sleep In Heavenly Peace!
Crystal Roca - Silent Knight

Sleep In Heavenly Peace


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