Caught On Tape: Inmate Kicked, Stomped, And Attacked By Police Dog



Surveillance footage has finally been released from an incident where another Iberia Parish Jail inmate was abused.

On December 6, 2012, correctional officers were reportedly looking for contraband when Marcus Robicheaux was thrown to the ground by Deputy David Prejean. The video shows Prejean’s dog biting Robicheaux savagely while the Deputy kicks, stomps, and knees the helpless prisoner.


Apparently this happened in the recreation room and to me the coldest part is that the other inmates keep cutting hair like nothing’s happening. Just another day in paradise. Deputy Prejean’s report states the incident began because Robicheaux wouldn’t stop looking at him. Are you kidding?


Caught On Tape: Inmate Kicked Stomped And Attacked By Police Dog


According to The Advocate, it took over 2 YEARS for the Louisiana authorities to watch the video. Prejean was finally fired in January.




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